Voting Procedures

West Vancouver Citizens for Good Government (WVCGG)

Endorsation Meeting Voting Procedures

1 Only Members in good standing may vote at the Endorsation Meeting. A member in good standing is one who has been a member for at least seven days prior to the Endorsation meeting.

2 Members must vote in person. Proxy vote is not permitted. Absentee vote is not permitted.

3 Ballots are provided to Members when they personally register at the Endorsation meeting.

Ballot Boxes are open after the speeches are completed. Ballots are not accepted until after speeches for each category is completed. Chair will announce ballot Closure times

4 Ballot counting:

A Voting Officer is appointed. His rulings are absolute

Scrutineers: A Scrutineer is appointed for each ballot category

Counters: are Members and other neutral persons

No serving WVCGG Director may act as a Counter nor Scrutineer nor Voting Officer.

5 Results will be announced by the Chair when received from the Voting Officer. The successful candidates will be named in alphabetical order.

6 Ballots are destroyed