2014 General Election Declaration of Candidates

The list of candidates who have filed nominations for Mayor, Councillor and School Trustee is in.  At this time, the West Vancouver Citizens for Good Government would like to thank all the people who have stepped forward to participate in the democratic process by running for public office.

Mayor (1 to be elected)

Michael Smith

Councillor (6 to be elected)

Joanna Baxter

Mary-Ann Booth

Craig Cameron

Christine Cassidy

Max Clough

Michael Evison

Jim Finkbeiner

Nora Gambioli

Jon Johnson

Peter Lambur

Michael Lewis

Ali Mallakin

Terry Platt

Carolanne Reynolds

Bill Soprovich

School Trustee (5 to be elected)

Jim Boyd

Carolyn Broady

Nicole Brown

Sheelah Donahue

Pieter Dorsman

Robert Inman

Irene Leschert

David Stevenson

For the official Declaration of Candidates, along with contact information, please click here.

As well, a reminder, West Vancouver Citizens for Good Government will be hosting an All Candidates meeting on Wednesday, October 15th at 7:00 pm at the Kay Meek Centre.

Attendance is free and everyone is welcome.

Each candidate is given 3 minutes to speak.  After all of the candidates have shared their platform, there will be a question period.

Authorized by West Vancouver Citizens for Good Government (WVCGG), registered sponsor under LECFA.


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