First and foremost, Damian Kettlewell has suspended his campaign to make more time due to health matters with his daughter.  Our thoughts and wishes go out to him and his family.

Earlier, the WVCGG posted 5 questions that they had asked each of the council candidates to answer.  These questions were actually taken from a list of questions that the Board of Directors had created during the preparation for the interview process that forms a part of the overall WVCGG endorsation process.  In order to help inform and enable members of the public to be prepared to pick the best candidates to represent them over the following three years, we embraced the opportunity to use the internet to help let the community get to know what each candidates thinks about the following questions:

  1. What community involvement have you had?
  2. What are the key issues facing WV and what action would you take in these areas of concern?
  3. How do you achieve a balance of competing interests within the community?
  4. Do you have expectations of change in the relationship between West Vancouver and the GVRD and between West Vancouver and the Provincial Government?
  5. What management and organizational skills do you bring to this position?

We have received answers from everyone except Michael Lewis and Max Nikpay. Because the answers varied in length and because we wanted to make it easy to search through, we have included each candidates answers to the above questions on their own page.  Each one linked below.  Additionally, we are including the link to each candidates website so you can find out more about each and every candidate that is running.  Remember to get out and Vote on November 19th:

BOOTH, Mary-Ann Answers  Website
CAMERON, Craig Answers  Website
EVISON, Michael Answers  Website
GAMBIOLI, Nora Answers  Website
HENDERSON, Gregg Answers  Website
JONES, David Answers  Website
LEWIS, Michael  Website
NIKPAY, Max   Website
PANZ, Trish Answers  Website
REYNOLDS, Carolanne Answers  Website
SOPROVICH, Bill Answers
VAUGHAN, Vivian Answers

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