Q&A – Vaughan

#1  What community involvement have you had?

I have been actively involved in local politics since first standing for election in 2002.  I served on Council from 2005 to 2008, and was a mayoralty candidate in 2008, finishing second.

#2  What are the key issues facing WV and what action would you take in these areas of concern?

Unsustainable municipal spending and tax increases.
Obsolete municipal buildings that don’t meet current standards for earthquake resistance: the police building and main fire hall.  Totally inadequate funds to pay for the essential upgrades.
Misuse of the Ambleside Revitalisation program to bail out failed municipal finances, through big deals with big developers, for massive high-rise buildings, out of scale with the village and blocking water views.

Actions to take:

Hold the line on overall taxes and utility fees, bring spending under control.  Have an external review of municipal operations (last done in 1998).  Assess value for money in paying about $2 million per year in fees to belong to Metro Vancouver.  Improve standards for carrying out cost-benefit analysis and upzoning value estimates, on all development projects.
Revitalize Ambleside in accordance with the wishes of the residents and shopkeepers.  Solve the parking problem first.

#3  How do you achieve a balance of competing interests within the community?

Policies and processes that are open and fair, without conflict of interest, should be used in making choices.

#4  Do you have expectations of change in the relationship between West Vancouver and the GVRD and between West Vancouver and the Provincial Government?

I would request that the Province modify the legislation that puts West Van in Metro.  We need our own authority to negotiate the cost and terms of our membership, or withdraw entirely.  We also need better control over the fees, charges and fines that West Van levies.  The Provinces regulates the amounts in many cases, for the whole province, and West Van is more expensive, requiring the right to set amounts independently.  The Province is also overdue to improve the legislation that controls municipal elections.

#5  What management and organizational skills do you bring to this position?

I am a registered professional engineer in B.C. and have retired from a long career, initially in the private sector, and subsequently in the federal government.  My work included management of energy conservation programs, and assistance to businesses.  I understand how government works and can apply this knowledge and experience to the benefit of our municipality.

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