Q&A – Reynolds

1.      What community involvement have you had?

extensive since 1987 when on a citizen heritage body (exploratory).  A longer list is on my flyer, ranging from ratepayer to environmental groups.  Pls see my website, http://www.carolanne.org

2.      What are the key issues facing WV and what action would you take in these areas of concern?

Well, safety first so Police and Fire tops, then providing the necessary infrastructure (roads, sewers, etc).  Then, what’s the top of the new Ccl’s agenda?

The major project (already started), wch cd be considered a key issue, is 1300block Marine/AmblesideNOW.  This is the redevelopment of the heart of our community.
70% of WV lives in the eastern half.   A Working Group with all the main stakeholders collaborating to come up with a fair inclusive process and comprehensive plan (residents, plus including business, arts, environmental, heritage, cultural interests).

A review of the Official Community Plan is needed so that neighbourhoods can choose their character and are not surprised by spot-zoning while areas for increased density are clearly defined and decided after public/resident input and collaboration.
fyi, about 40% of WV residents live in multifamily housing now.
The housing pilot program shd be revived and include neighbourhood input.
It’s important that West Van continue to be parklike, top of the list for most residents.

Taxes, Spending, and Unsustainable Budgets with insufficient investment for infrastructure repairs
Taxes are rising while residents’ incomes are staying roughly the same or even declining.
I’ll repeat my recommendation (since 1988) of doing a zero-based budget, to evaluate what is needed and measure value for services thus facilitating relevance and efficiencies.
I first asked for this exercise in 1988 when on Council but it has never been done; review critical rather than keep budgeting ‘grandfathered’ costs — justify each one — changing needs, taste, and interests.
With 80% of the budget being staff costs, there’s not much room for manoeuvre.

Once the basics are taken care of then we can concentrate on quality of life: parks, sports, recreation, culture, heritage, art, etc, and of course protection of the environment.

3.      How do you achieve a balance of competing interests within the community?

Committees, Working Groups, Task Forces, etc — people working and planning together.

Also a dedication to the key tenets of Openness and Process. Ratepayers are less likely to be upset by controversial decisions they do not agree with if they feel they have had their say and been listened to (as opposed to being blindsided by decisions made in secret or based on a flawed/biased process).

4.      Do you have expectations of change in the relationship between West Vancouver and the GVRD and between West Vancouver and the Provincial Government?

Changes are afoot between WV and Metro Vancouver as well as the provincial govt.

5.      What management and organizational skills do you bring to this position?

Teaching, being a college instructor, requires organization as does running two small businesses, one consulting (by computer professionals) and one a computer/software product.

As for communications, I have copy-edited some books and copy-edit A Word A Day (AWAD) that goes out to over 1M subscribers.

In fact, fitting in all my activities requires a great deal of organization!

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