Q&A – Evison

#1 What community involvement have you had?

Wide variety of community involvement since the early 70’s.Councillor since 2008.

#2 What are the key issues facing WV and what action would you take in these areas of concern?

We need to proceed with redevelopment of the 1300 block ,which in turn will help to revitalize Ambleside.
Affordable housing is a relative term,but we must continue to explore all options for the benefit of seniors and younger families alike.

#3 How do you achieve a balance of competing interests within the community?

Early public disclosure and a willingness to compromise.

#4  Do you have expectations of change in the relationship between West Vancouver and the GVRD and between West Vancouver and the Provincial Government?

In a word ,no but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t persist.Inter government relations are so important.
#5  What management and organizational skills do you bring to this position?

I have a formal finance background,many years in senior positions with private sector businesses.West Vancouver Councillor for the past three years.

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