2011 Election Information

The information below is from the West Vancouver Municipality Website.  For more complete information, please click here and you will be taken to their site.

In BC, general local elections are held every three years on the third Saturday of November.  The next general local election will be held on Saturday, November 19, 2011.
In West Vancouver, voters choose:

  • one Mayor and six Councillors for the District of West Vancouver Council
  • five Trustees for School District #45, West Vancouver Board of Education*

*School District #45 (West Vancouver) includes the District of West Vancouver, the Village of Lions Bay, Bowen Island Municipality, and part of GVRD Electoral Area A.

West Vancouver has an “at-large” system (and is not divided into wards) in which its elected officials are elected to represent the District as a whole.

On general voting day, November 19, 2011, voters may vote at any one of the 10 voting places (see the Voting Places section).

Information on the election web pages is provided for ease of reference. It is not intended to provide complete and comprehensive election information and is not a substitution for the applicable sections in the Local Government Act, the School Act, or any other applicable statute. Detailed information regarding local government elections can be accessed:

on the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development website at www.cscd.gov.bc.ca/lgd/governance/elections.htm
on the Ministry of Education website at www.bced.gov.bc.ca/legislation/trustee_election/

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